Epyllion Reading Group Registration & Payment

You can reserve a seat in the reading group for one meeting or more, depending on your availability in August. Seats are limited to 10 students in total. Here are some instructions on using the Online Scheduler, below:

  1. The Scheduler will process one reservation at a time. We regret this inconvenience.
  2. When you select your desired workshop, note its date. When you move to the Time screen, make sure you are selecting the date that matches your desired workshop. If you have forgotten from screen to screen, the date should be listed right above the tabs.
  3. Make sure you enter your name, phone number and a contact e-mail: all are required so that reminders can be sent as the day approaches. The Scheduler will not continue without these three pieces of information.
  4. When you get to the Payment screen you can elect to pay on the day of the workshop, or in advance with PayPal.
  5. To register for all four, start with the first, and when you complete all the steps for one, refresh your browser and proceed to the second, third and fourth. Again, take care to make sure the class date and the date available on the Time screen match (a mismatch is easy to do).
  6. If you are eligible for the $25 discount for all preregistering for all four, the coupon will be processed afterward by Dr Matteo on the admin panel. Please send me an e-mail at camatteo@icloud.com to make sure this is processed correctly.
  7. Be certain to check your e-mail, because a receipt will be sent for each registration. Not receiving one would be a hint that a small error was made. In that case, just e-mail me at camatteo@icloud.com to alert me of the issue and I can amend it on my admin panel.