Dissecting Orpheus in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!, presented at Film & History, “Oysters and Snails: Love & Sex in the Ancient World on Screen,” Milwaukee, WI, November 2010. Images & clips available at

Crossing Boundaries through Digital Humanities: HESTIA and US Schools with T. Elton Barker, Open University, for Classics in the Modern World – A Democratic Turn?, Milton Keynes, UK, June 2010.

Podcasting and the Classics, panel co-organizer with Ed DeHoratius, presented at the panel for Outreach at the annual meeting of the APA, Chicago, IL, January 2008; more information available at

Henry Fielding’s ‘Big Muse’: Gender, Genre and the Grammar of Classical Philology in Tom Jones, presented at the Classical Association meeting in Liverpool, UK, March 2008.

The Classical Grand Tour: An Interdisciplinary Course exploring Word and Image, presented at the Education panel at the annual meeting of the APA, San Diego, CA, January 2007; also delivered at The Humanities Conference (The Humanities in a ‘Knowledge Society’) University of Cambridge, UK, August 2005.

Teaching Roman Women as Social Diversity in Antiquity, presented at American Classical League, Philadelphia, PA, June 2006 and October meeting of CAAS, Baltimore, MD, 2006.